At Harrison Smith Law, our priorities are the rights, interests, and long-term futures of our clients. We possess the tools and principles to achieve success and ensure protection for diverse individuals and businesses.  From basic business and contractual needs to complex litigation, we work to protect you.


Unfortunately, most if not all of us are injured at some point in our life. But when an injury you have sustained is at the fault of someone else, they should be held accountable. Here at Harrison Smith Law, our team is experienced, and we pride ourselves on taking on the major companies and insurance companies to ensure you are fully compensated for your loss. Our goal is to protect your rights and make you as close to whole again as the law will allow.



Our team prides itself on being for the people and taking on any adversary, regardless of how “big” they may be. Hiring a team that is experienced with the ins and outs of the many aspects of civil litigations is crucial. Almost every legal matter is governed by some statute of limitation, which acts as a statutory deadline that limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit.  This is why we suggest that you contact an attorney immediately to ensure you are not time barred against pursuing what would otherwise be a valid claim. 

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